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GE AMX 4 Plus
Remanufactured Mobile X-Ray Unit

Standard Equipment Specs:
110 Volt, 50/50-Hz, Battery Operated, Self Contained Mobile x-Ray Unit with Battery Pack.

Includes the Following:

  • Microprocessor Controlled Central Processing Unit
  • High Tension Transformer with Medium Frequency Inverter
  • Battery Charger
  • 3 Inch (75mm)
  • Rotating Anode Tube with 0.8mm Focal Spot
  • High Voltage Cables
  • Two Point (kVp, mAs) Technique Control with Vacuum Fluorescent Displays
  • Simple Handle Variable Speed, Dual Motor Drive System.
  • Top Speed 3mph
  • One Touch Electro-Mechanical Lock Control
  • Compact Manual Collimator on Counterbalanced Tube Assembly and ± 270 Degrees Column Rotation
  • Low X-Ray Tube Transport Position (See-over height of 51 inches
  • Compact System Enclosure with "Clean" Control Panel
Output rated as follows:
  • Selection of 04 to 300 mas in 28 steps - mAs Limited to 200 or 250 mAs as High kvg
  • Selection of 50 to 125 kvp in 24 steps
  • Closed Loop kvp Control
  • mAs Integrated Exposure Logic
  • Lead Acid Maintenance-Free batteries provide 20,000 mAs Storage.
It’s time to cut the cord… with the Remote Tech Switch… the remote x-ray exposure switch that performs all the functions of a conventional hand switch


Bring your portable into the 21st century with our Digital Pad! The Keyless Solution for your AMX portable x-ray machine which is programmable with your own four digit code.

*Meets OEM All Manuals CER#118-05-003
**UL/CSA Recognized

Overview of Rebuilding a GE AMX Portable

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