The Matamoros Chilkdrens Home


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We left our hearts in Mexico... at the Matamoros Children's Home.

A small band of us started going to help our friends South of the border over 30 years ago. Little did we know we would head back home with so much more than we left there! Now our little group has grown to over 150 people. I have seen the lives of many of our youth that have gone with us Completely transformed. We have laughed till we cried and cried till we laughed! My own children found eternal salvation at the Home. Some of their fondest memories are of time we have spent there, as a family. The Children's Home is cared for by two very loyal servants of God. Dr. Saul and Maria Camacho. I Wonder.... Would you like to help us to make a little difference in the lives of these children. They truly do need our help!

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Here we are Installing the new X-Ray system
in the clinic at the Children's Home!


Dr. Saul Camacho and Kids!


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